Peter van Wingerden
Peter van Wingerden is an Dutch engineer and entrepreneur based in Rotterdam. He is the founder of Beladon. His visionaries ideas in designing sustainable buildings focus on a more realistic, ecological stay on planet Earth. The main vision of Beladon is to design and construct iconic, sustainable floating buildings that connect people to their social and physical environments, offering them a personalised, transparent and interactive experience. Peter’s engineering and design principals are in line with nature’s biggest challenges concerning Energy, Food, Water & Waste, directly connected with the SDGs. One of their most ambitious project are the floating urban farms born with the aim of bringing the fresh product to the city but also doing it looking to be a green project, reusing and recycling everything possible. The firs one will start working in Rotterdam will produce food, in a sustainable way and close to its citizens. Follow the project: Follow Him: @pvwingerden Further Info:‬


2018-09-28 45 minutos

Urban and sustainable transformation: connecting citizens with the challenges of nature (energy, food, water and waste)