Laila Josefin Azhar
Laila-Josefin Azhar comes from Norway/Oslo and has a marketing background. During her studies she started to work in a non-profit organization VIBRO, working to uncover community problems related to young people. After that, she collaborated with the Coworking space 657Oslo, as the CEO of Untold Insight - where she worked on connecting students with real clients and offer an unpolished approach to insight, community management, and concept development. During her time at Untold Insight she wanted to contribute to what the world called the "refugee crises" in 2015, to see how she could gather the young community together with refugees and the tech community to collaborate. That's when she heard about Mike Butcher's initiative Techfugees, only two weeks after the kick off in October 2015. Techfugees had there second 24H hackathon in Oslo during Oslo Innovation week, followed up by the second event in 2016 in collaboration with Scripted, Katapult Future fest, and After that, she relocated to Barcelona to work for HP and is now trying to build up a Techfugees network in Barcelona. Follow the project: ‪@Techfugees Further Info:


2018-09-28 45 minutos

Video games and mobile technology to empower people displaced from their countries