Sergio Guimaraes
He is the Media Relations Manager at Swedish Institute. This government agency has the responsibility to spread information about Sweden outside of Sweden. It exists to promote Swedish interests, and to organise exchanges with other countries in different areas of public life, in particular in the spheres of culture, education, and research. In 2012 they created a wonderful campaign to promote citizen participation through the Twitter account @sweden wich is a transparency and OpenGov example: the Swedish Institute and Visit Sweden invited their citizens to promote tourism in the country by managing the @sweden account. Every week there is a different citizen in charge to share his/her information and experiences related to Sweden in his/her tweets. The account has almost 67.000 followers and still growing under the slogan “A new Swede every week”.


2013-06-26 90 minutos

Transparency and opengov: paradigm of social change

Sergio Guimaraes

Swedish Institute