Ivan Caballero
He is the co-founder of The social coin, a project to create social coins to exchange disinterested favors as an antidote to the consumerism of our society; small disinterested actions produces happiness in the one who helps and the one who is helped. The coin symbolizes commitment, empathy, serve and trust, so it is not bought or sold, just born and passed from one person to another, and from this one to another one and so on; you can follow the story of help of each coin (with their unique code) on the website of the initiative. This social coin has a certain shelf life of 3 months (which gives time to make a chain of favors of about 10 people or so), when comes to its end the coin is buried and biodegrades giving birth to the seed it contains.


2013-06-27 120 minutos

New forms of economy and solidarity in network

Ivan Caballero

Cofundador de The Social Coin