Tim Pool
Tim is an social media journalist from Chicago (Illinois), known for his 21-hour live broadcast during the “Occupy Wall Street” movement in New York (inspired by the “Arab Spring”), using a smartphone and an external battery, and in a style that made him famous and followed in social networks, because he allowed the public to participate through chat with questions, comments… But its broadcasting was not only followed in social networks, but also in traditional media such as NBC, Reuters, Al Jazeera or TIME. This year he has co-founded together with Geoff Shively and William Gagan, the “OperationStream” platform, designed to cover events in social media, live broadcasting and to offer resources and training to those requesting it.


2012-06-12 45 minutos

Citizen mobilization live

Tim Pool

Fundador Timcast.TV, OneViewMedia.com y co-fundador de Operationstream.org