Federico Mayor Zaragoza
Federico Mayor Zaragoza was born in Barcelona in 1934. Doctor of Pharmacy from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (1958). Over the twelve years he spent as head of UNESCO (1987-1999), Professor Mayor Zaragoza gave new momentum to the mission of the Organization - "build the defenses of peace in the minds of men" - It became an institution at the service of peace, tolerance, human rights and peaceful coexistence. With the Foundation for a Culture of Peace, founded in Madrid in March 2000, Professor Mayor continues the work undertaken as Director General of UNESCO to promote the transition from a culture of violence and imposition to a culture of peace and tolerance. He recorded a message that encourages us to implicate us, democratically reconstitute and become full citizens of subjects, from silent to equity. Faithfull convinced of new technologies. Follow the project: @FCulturadePaz Follow him: @FMayorZaragoza  Further info: www.fund-culturadepaz.org


2011-06-28 30 minutos

We the peoples... with technology

Federico Mayor Zaragoza

President of Cultura de Paz Foundation